Which skin care products are best for getting rid of wrinkles?

Beauty skin serum is an incredibly powerful skin product and can help to prevent wrinkles.But does it work as well as the brand claims?article When it comes to the best skin care, there are few products that can help a person get rid of a full-on wrinkled look without the use of a chemical peel.Here […]

Polygon is a place for your skin to shine. How it’s doing for us.

Polygon has been the most influential source for all things gaming since it was founded in 2005.Now, we’re back to covering what the future holds for Polygon.We’ve already started covering the best of the news, and now we’ve got our first article dedicated to skin.The new Polygon article covers a lot of ground, but we […]

How to make a great skin cream

FourFourSeconds ago we wrote about the secret ingredients in the perfect skin cream that you’ll love.The new ingredient list is finally here, and it’s full of new ingredients like hyaluronic acid and cocoa butter, as well as ingredients like vitamin E and antioxidants.We’re not going to get into the science behind how to make these […]