How to avoid buying Chinese Beauty Skin Care from Huda Beauty

By purchasing Chinese Beauty products from Hudad Beauty International, you are risking buying counterfeit goods.Chinese Beauty, a major Chinese beauty retailer, is the largest beauty brand in the world.As of 2017, the brand was the second largest seller of beauty products in the United States, according to market research firm Euromonitor.But with the rise of […]

A Beauty Insider review of the Beauty Insider Beauty Secrets Beauty Insider 2018: The Ultimate Guide to Skin Deep Beauty

A Beauty Insider reader sent us the following question: “What is the best skin deep essence in 2018?If you’re a beauty blogger, what’s your favorite?”The Beauty Insider answered with a Beauty Insider article called “Beauty Insider 2018: Skin Deep Essence.”(Click here for the full article.)We took the Beauty Insiders Beauty Insider quote and compiled a […]