Why your collagen skin needs to be protected

You may not know it, but collagen is a key ingredient in our skin, and this is true for all our skin types.But in our busy lives, collagen can become a little too abundant and can cause issues for your skin.If you are one of those people who get all their collagen from a variety […]

What it is, and what you need to know

In an era when beauty is becoming a social media staple, Instagram’s beauty beauty section is a must-have.But what exactly is the beauty section? Beauty is, for many, a social space where you can interact with your friends and get a better understanding of what makes someone beautiful.But does the beauty of your photos tell you […]

What’s the best skin-care routine for you?

The best skin care routine for everyone is a complex matter of taste, but there’s a certain formula that will work for everyone, according to the latest research.According to research conducted by the Skinfoods blog, the best routine is based on the amount of sunscreen, skin-conditioning and moisturizing you’re using and the level of sun […]