What you need to know about skin care routine for the pale skin complexion

When you’re trying to find a good skin care regime for your pale skin, a lot of people are hesitant to recommend the pale complexion routine.There’s just too much controversy surrounding it.It’s a subject that has been debated for decades, and has been discussed with varying degrees of scientific rigor and complexity.There is, however, one […]

‘It’s like we’re on an island’: Pressed-pleating teen’s story of life after puberty

Pressed pussies and full-on sexiness are a thing of the past, thanks to a recent wave of beauty products, and now a teen is telling her story about her life after she started puberty.Alyssa Cordero, 16, told ABC News that her mom told her that she would be able to stop having her period if […]

When I started my makeup routine: My ‘beauty’ skin routine

By now, you probably have at least a few skin care products in your cabinet.If you’re like me, you’ve started experimenting with different skin care formulas and you’ve seen how your skin looks on your face.But before you get all excited, there are some important things you need to know before you jump in.First and […]