When it comes to the beauty skin cream that you have to pay $50 for, what are the best brands?

Crypto Coins reporter Chris Miller explains what to look for when it comes time to choose the best beauty skin product for you.“There are a lot of options to choose from, and many are made in a way that makes it easy to apply,” Miller said.“In my opinion, the best makeup products are formulated in […]

‘Beauty Pill’ – the first skin-changing pill to hit the market in 18 years

In 2014, beauty pill makers were still finding their feet and looking to their future with the introduction of the Beauty Pill.It’s been hailed as the first of its kind, and with the Beauty Pen, a $10.99 device which can change your skin’s colour and texture at will, it’s looking set to be the first […]

What is kkkw and how does it work?

Kkkw is a new, highly-effective skin treatment for people who are not on a good skin regimen.Kkkw involves using skin-rich ingredients, such as collagen and titanium dioxide, which have the ability to penetrate into the skin and produce a powerful effect.It also contains vitamin B5, which has anti-inflammatory properties, and collagen, which is the most […]