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Actual voicemail from a new client on 10.4.15
Hi, I just wanted to say thanks again; my tan is beautiful and the experience was great!  You've given me hope that even my pale skin can look tan and healthy!  

- Samantha L.

Text message from a competition tanner on 9.7.15
You did a great job on my spray tan!  I placed 5thin the Royal Palm Bodybuilding competition!
Text message from the same client again on 9.9.15
My tan looks better every day, you did a great job! Thanks a bunch! 

- Liz S.

Actual voicemail from a new client on 1.11.15
Hi Angel, it's Leslie.  I just wanted to thank you for my tan.  I have to tell you, I've been getting sprayed for a long time, best spray tan I've ever had!  I'm very pleased and I wanted you to know that the color you used on me was perfect - I think you used medium.  Anyway, thank you so much and I'll see you in a week.

- Leslie G.

Actual voicemail from a new client on 6.25.13
Hi Angel, it’s Jane.  You tanned me for me last week for an event in Chicago, maybe you remember me? I’m older, didn’t want it too dark.  I just wanted to tell you the color is so beautiful on me and I feel so much prettier because it’s just a perfect glow and it just makes me look healthy.. it’s so natural!  So now I’m in Indiana and traveling all summer and I’m wondering, can you tell me, until I get back down to Florida, does anyone else use the same formula in either Chicago, Indiana, or Nantucket?  I would love to hear from you because this just looks perfect on my skin.  Thank you!

- Jane L.

These gals are extremely professional and everyone does a wonderful job! Initially, I was so worried my spray tan would turn orange but I was wrong. The tan was flawless, dark, and looked completely natural. I've used her multiple times since and have had the same wonderful results each time. I love the convenience and privacy of her coming right to my home. I would recommend their services to anyone that wants to achieve a beautiful tan! Not to mention, the prices are great - they actually have the best price for a hand airbrush in Naples! I would never trust anyone else and thankfully will never have to get in a tanning bed ever again.  

- Lindsey H.

The tan looked so natural, like i was at the beach all week. She did such a good job. I looked like i was sitting on the beach all week, but no i was actually sitting at my desk all week. I looked great for prom. Thanks Angel 

- Anonymous Google reviewer

I love Angel! I have been getting airbrushed by Angel for years - since before she went mobile, and she just keeps getting better! She comes to me now and airbrushes me at home in a pop up tent with an air filter (the whole set up actually fits nicely in my rather small master bathroom) and gives me a beautifully natural, dark, and even tan in about 20 minutes. The best part is that she now offers a light, medium, and dark solution and she mixes up a custom shade just for me and applies it in 1/4 the time it would take to go get it done in a salon. I will never trust my tan to anyone else! 

- Sonia M.

Great Valentines Day - I just got sprayed last night and I look and feel great. Already this morning i have had several compliments at work. Angel was very professional and the tan came out perfect. It looks like i was at the beach all week. I have no orange tint, it is very natural looking. I will come back again for another tan. 
- Anonymous Google reviewer