By Lauren T.C. | 09/27/2018 06:07:20While the first thing to note is that this article is a bit more in-depth than most beauty magazines, this is a look that is guaranteed to grab you by the balls, and the perfect compliment to any outfit.

I’m not even going to lie; the results were definitely not what I was expecting.

I was looking for something slightly more earthy, a little more peach, more earth.

But as it turns out, it’s the same brand.

So what makes the Beauty Beauty Perfect Skin Toner the prettier of the two?

It’s not just the color, it washes out with a slight creamy feel and is a perfect match for the skin tone you’re looking for.

And, because it’s a tinted cream, it also looks super duper beautiful on the skin.

It has a soft, buttery feel.

It’s soft enough to work with a toner and it feels smooth.

And while it has a touch of clumping, it is a very gentle cream.

The texture is soft, but not at all greasy.

It doesn’t clump and it’s not greasy to the touch.

It does absorb and doesn’t stick to skin.

It has an oil-free consistency that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

And, just like a tint, it won’t clog pores or make skin appear oily.

It even does its job without being too clumpy or oily.

The product doesn’t contain any heavy metals.

And it is water-resistant.

It comes in a small jar, which is easy to carry and easy to use.

And the packaging is very nice.

It also comes with a generous amount of product to help mask any build-up that might occur on the product.

So it is not a total no-brainer that this is the most beautiful toner I’ve ever tried.

It really is a treat.

And I know I’m going to be swiping it around all day!