Trump, Clinton take different approaches to skin care

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been taking different approaches toward skin care products since Trump was elected president, and they have been embracing the trends of skin care trends.Trump has been touting the beauty-focused brands such as Clinique and Sephora, while Clinton has been embracing a more skin-care focused approach.While both women have embraced […]

When it comes to beauty, the beauty industry is still evolving

Beautiful girl skin is the skin that was created by the woman that looks like a beautiful girl.The beauty industry has moved on to a new era of skin care, with the likes of Clinique and Nivea taking the cosmetics world by storm.It’s the same beauty industry that has been trying to find the perfect […]

Woman sued over $1 million in makeup sale

The beauty product company that sold cosmetics to the Trump family for $1.2 million has settled with a woman who says she was duped into making $500,000.The woman, who is in her 60s, filed a lawsuit in New York state court Monday accusing her former employer, Estee Lauder, of fraud.The suit claims Estee was duping […]

‘Beauty Pill’ – the first skin-changing pill to hit the market in 18 years

In 2014, beauty pill makers were still finding their feet and looking to their future with the introduction of the Beauty Pill.It’s been hailed as the first of its kind, and with the Beauty Pen, a $10.99 device which can change your skin’s colour and texture at will, it’s looking set to be the first […]